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Summer Camp is set on the grounds of an old mansion, with haunting images of an owl dotted around the place. It doesn't exactly seem the typical place for a camp - but it does feel right for a horror movie.

The film - currently being shot in the hills outside Barcelona - is the first movie from director Alberto Marini, and he has spoken about how he wanted to play with the horror movie form:

"I wanted to make a horror movie, to play with the conventions of a horror movie in a summer camp and turn them over to become something completely new and surprising. This script has a lot of the classic elements of horror movies like Friday the 13th. [We] know so much about the genre... how to play with the expectations of the audience.”

The movie's plot follows a group of American camp counselors who confront a virus which is unlike anything seen before.

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Check out these set photos from Summer Camp:

So do you think Marini will pull it off and make Summer Camp a horror movie unlike anything seen before, or will this be just another movie about Americans being killed on their holidays?

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Summer Camp looks....


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