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Everything changed with the Sopranos, not least because of James Gandolfini. With his sudden passing last year, a huge loss was felt the world over. We felt that there was so much more to come from the extraordinary actor.

One project he was working on before his death was [The Drop](movie:791547), which we will get to see this year. The movie shows Gandolfini with Thomas Hardy negotiating the Boston underworld, in a movie that was for a while called 'Animal Rescue'. The story is based on one of Denis Lehane's short stories from his collection Boston Noir.Hollywood has clearly taken a liking to Lehane - some of his work has been brilliantly adapted (Gone Baby Gone, Shutter Island and Mystic River).

Michael Roskam (Bullhead) directs the movie about an ex-con bartender Bob (Tom Hardy), who one night, performs an act of kindness and rescues a pitbull from the garbage. In doing this, Bob brings unwanted attention to himself, and becomes the target of the dog’s dangerous and unhinged previous owner.

Roskam reflected to USA Today that:

"I think we were ready for a new Gandolfini chapter. He was a little older. And he had the gray hair and the beard. A new Gandolfini was emerging. Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to see more of it. But I am happy that we had this beautiful glimpse."

[The Drop](movie:791547) comes to theaters on September 19th. We've got some great stills below.

James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy
James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy

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