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There have been multiple theories behind exactly how Walker and his friend lost control of the vehicle on the day of their fatal accident, but now the true reasons behind the crash are finally coming to light.

Sources close to law enforcement officials have verified that the crash was a result of speeding. The Porsche Carrera GT is said to have been travelling between 80 to 93 mph around the corner where the accident occurred.

An insider from L.A. County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that there was no mechanical failure within the vehicle as had been previously theorized.

There is one crucial aspect of the crash that has been overlooked until now though. The tires. According to sources, the tires on the car had not been changed since 2005 and were the original factory fittings.

If this is true, then the Porsche would not be 100 percent safe to drive in even everyday conditions. Let alone at speed. The rubber in tires deteriorates over time making the structure weaker and more prone to tread separation. In the words of Sean Kane, president of Safety Research & Strategies, Inc an old tire is comparable to;

If you take a rubber band that's been sitting around a long time and stretch it, you will start to see cracks in the rubber. That's essentially what happens to a tire that's put on a vehicle and driven. Cracks in the rubber begin to develop over time. They may appear on the surface and inside the tire as well. This cracking can eventually cause the steel belts in the tread to separate from the rest of the tire

Therefore, even if the tread pattern looked acceptable to the naked eye, there could be hidden dangers lurking beneath.

Paul Walker and Roger Rodas
Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

The driver of the car, Walker's close friend Roger Rodas was a former professional racer, so the tire revelation does make the crash more understandable to me.

While I would never want to condone speeding, Rodas was clearly confident he could handle the Porsche at high speeds or he would not have put his own, and his friends life in grave danger.

The combination of lethal speed and a simple case of poor vehicle maintenance appear to be the cause of this tragic loss of life.

What an awful waste.


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