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I remember watching Raiders of the Lost Ark the first time. I was mesmerized, it was an adventure. At the end of the movie you felt like you were Indy, using your fake whip and saying your favorite lines. Before social media, people read about something in newspapers and magazines. No one posted about how great the film was and tweeting about the movie . All the films are classics, yes even the fourth movie. Even though it was very far fetched it was still a Indiana Jones movie. [Indiana Jones 5](movie:203950) could happen, but the way it would work is if they stick to the original characters and a great adventure. Also have Harrison Ford in it. Indiana Jones is a gem and will live on film history as one of the greatest film series. This is an article about all the reasons why they shouldn't reboot it.

After Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, no one really wanted a new Indiana Jones movie. Though, Spielberg did say he would stay away from the CGI and stick to an old fashioned Indy. I think they should make one more Indiana Jones movie. Not because of a come back to make more, Even though it will be a come back. it will be one to remember and that will end the series there. We need Marion, Sallah, and even Short Round. Bring back the classic fun characters and make an original Indy movie once again. The artifact, which I have wrote about this before, it should be religious. Staff of Moses, Noah's Ark, The Robe of Jesus, ect. May they exist? Who cares make a decent story line and it will work. Professor Jones went after The Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant which made more money than Temple of Doom. Not by much, but still more. which means people liked the story of Indiana Jones going after artifacts of history and religion.

With the rumor of Bradley Cooper playing Professor Jones in possible movies, I'm highly against it. Even though I like Bradley Cooper as an actor, I don't think he or anyone else should be Indiana Jones. We don't to see a reboot of Indiana Jones. Would it be neat to see it on the big screen? Maybe, but its not Harrison Ford. Yes Harrison Ford is old, but he's Indy! It's not like James Bond. There were lots of actors to play Bond. If there had been one or two other actors that played Indy, I wouldn't be against it. I hate to see a classic die with a reboot. Though it was a great film series doesn't mean we have to remake it to see if the new actor could make more money. If anything I could see a possible T.V. show, similar to the Young Indiana Jones series. We have Indy go on adventures with his friends, though he is older, I don't want to see a kid at the age of twelve fighting bad guys and going on adventures. Then and only then would I consider a possible replacement for Dr. Jones. Not in film, be on t.v. Where the adventures continue and we the fans still have fun with it because Harrison will be Indy and no one could replace him.

Granted many of you will disagree with me, but imagine a movie or film series you loved. Doesn't have to be old, it could be new. Now imagine they replace the actor of the lead character or replaced the other characters. Still looking like the film you loved? Now imagine the adventure they go on, is it what he or she would go on? Now think about in the full it the same movie? Same experience? Or is it the a knock off of an original film that you loved? That is the way I will see it.

How about you, do you think a reboot is a good idea? Should Bradley Cooper play Indiana Jones or a different actor? Do you agree with me? Comment below and leave insults out.


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