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Ok, I have seen the winter soldier (it came out in Scotland 26th March - suck it America) so i figured that I'd give all you waiting a little taste of what to expect by giving my thoughts on it. I'm going to split it into sub-sections to try and stop me rambling but still, no promises.

First off: its brilliant, seriously, I loved it. Not perfect, of course not, but it is, technically speaking and in my opinion, a better movie than the Avengers. Still, it didn't quite feel like Christmas for two hours. I think i preferred it to Iron Man 1 and Spiderman 2 but I'd want to see it again before making that judgement and I'm open to debate on it either way.

Note: From hereon in i may spoil things and/or allude to spoilers that confirm some theories you may have, so if you don't want to know anything then stop reading now.

Plot: the plot is where one of my very few problems arose. If you've seen the trailer then you'll know that it's kind of a conspiracy movie, but the problem that I found was that, in order to make it accessible for all ages, the actual mystery of who the villain masterminds were was pretty obvious from fairly early on. Still, it didn't really take away from what's otherwise a really immersive, twisty-turny story, and the dynamic between Cap and the winter soldier himself was handled really well, not overdone but still with a good emotional punch at the end. I can't really go into more detail without straight up spoiling, but suffice to say anything that I don't mention I had absolutely no problems with.

Characters: Cap himself is really good, Chris Evans puts in another great turn here to make the character feel more grown-up for this kind of tone in a movie but he still retains that kind of pure and symbolic force of good that his character represents, culminating in an awesome speech that kicks off the final act. Natasha Romanov (Black Widow to us comic-lovers) is also great, understated in her delivery which adds to her believability as a superspy and she works as a good aide to Cap in his quest. Nick Fury is, well, Samuel L. Jackson being a complete badass. I mean, why did you ask? Any more on him would be blatant spoiler territory though and I'd prefer to avoid that, but i did like his story and he has one really awesome moment to do with security (if you've seen it you'll know) Sebastian Stan doesn't have many beats to play out for the first half of the movie, but he is good as the conflicted, mind-wiped character trying to find himself, and the films final beat between him and Cap did pull a few heartstrings despite similar moments being incredibly cliched. The secondary characters are all great i guess, no-one sticks out as annoying me, and special mention goes to Anthony Mackie for being a lot of fun as Falcon (though he's never called that i don't think). One thing that niggled me was that no-one seemed to have a definitive character arc. The winter soldier is sort of a candidate but he doesn't really have enough screen time for that. I don't know if i prefer that way as it lets the movie focus more on the plot but it was on thing i picked up on.

Action: Some of the best choreographed action I've ever seen. Captain America is a super-soldier, and his action sequences definitely live up to the super. You see him send mercenaries flying against walls and one sequence with a minigun is particularly cool, despite my head calling out for everyone to just shoot at the parts of Cap's body not covered by the shield. Still, the combats between Rogers and the Winter Soldier are just insane, neither of them are overpowered but they flow so beautifully and pull of some unbelievably cool stunts while still feeling grounded enough for an espionage thriller. It honestly lives up to the kind of action we see in Avengers and Man of Steel, despite their being no-one flying (except when Falcon's around, but that's really cool too). Don't get me wrong, the action is still the kind of fanatsy violence we want from comic book movies, but the only way these fight scenes are out of this world is in quality.

Finishing up: So those are my thoughts on The Winter Soldier, if you disagree with me or have any thoughts on things i missed out then feel free to sound off below. And as this is my first post, feedback (including the negative variety as long as its constructive) is welcome.

Never stop lovin' superheroes and movies guys!


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