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Dania Lerman

So I officially have a reason to NEVER live in Staten Island and it's not just because I'm from Manhattan. I'll be sticking EAST of the bay not for self-righteous navel-gazing, but because I don't want to be haunted by an extremely creepy CLOWN.

Two weeks ago, Staten Islander Michael Levy was driving home from Buffalo Wings when he saw THIS:

Since then, quite a few people have spotted the same clown straight up lurking around Staten Island, effectively sending New York City into a state of terror:

Five days ago, Robert Privitera was driving home from the gym and spotted him in a tunnel:

He snapped a pic and passed it on to Staten Island Advance with the following anecdote:

“Bro, I did a double take. My heart stopped."

And three days later, Vincent Innocente was heading home from Tottenville only to find...

Some say the whole thing's a hoax. The New York Post says it's a viral marketing campaign for a local production company, who have since denied all allegations:

"I have told them and everyone else the same I have told you guys... It's a small island and Fuzz on the Lens is a well known production company here so I'm sure its not hard to link us in one way or another." (Staten Island Advance)

...which basically confirms it's just a guy in a clown suit with a creepy sense of humor.

Spread the word! This madman/hero must be found and questioned!


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