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Didn't you hear? The Tall Man is coming back. Don Coscarelli announced that Phantasm V: Ravager, the fifth (and reportedly final) in the epic horror series finished principal photography. For the first time in the franchise's history, a new director is taking charge of the production: David Hartman, who's most known for visual effects from Coscarelli's Bubba Ho Tep, as well as working on Transformers Prime, Roughneck:s Starship Troopers, and a couple of Rob Zombie music videos.

But here's the most exciting part:

While Hartman was filming over Los Angeles over the past two years, he reportedly got Angus Scrimm to reprise his role as the Tall Man. Not only that, but the movie will feature extended sequences of the Tall Man's home world. I've seriously been waiting for this since I was about eight. And I'm blindsided that this series is actually going to get the epic finale it deserves before a studio decides to remake it with a younger cast.

Are you guys fans of Phantasm? It's one of the most underrated horror franchises in my book.


Phantasm V: Ravager...


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