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You know how DC have left a gap for 2014 and 2015 for their movies. Marvel has a chance to introduce the [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) and they're basically coming out with 2 movies a year. What I suggest to DC is to be more creative! Throw a curve ball! Take a risk! If they want to push Darkseid so much, why not have a movie dedicated to what goes on in New Genesis and Apokolips? One hero in particular that should get a movie is Mister Miracle!

Honestly, it's tough to make the movie happen – but it can be done! To begin with, New Genesis and Apokolips are at war with each other, with both sides taking heavy casualties. Eventually, both rulers of the respective planets decide to make a peace treaty and both ruler exchange children.

Scott Free (Mister Miracle) being taken by Darkseid and Orion being adopted be Izaya. Granny Goodness acted as Scott's care taker and used inhuman means to train the forces of Apokolips. Growing up opposing the life he was given, he learn that he a talent for escaping the most impossible traps. He hold hope that one day he to can escape Apokolips.

Let's think about this is for a minute... Scott was adopted by a tyrannical ruler hell bent on finding the equation to decompose life itself. That's one thing. We have to take in account that Mister Miracle is a master escape artist. Think about this... Scott Free is almost in a situation opposite of Superman. Kal-El is put on a planet full who don't trust him and are afraid of him (Zack Synder's version really shows this) while Scott is in a world full of despair and is determined to escape and go back to his real home.

How to Link with the DC Cinematic Universe

Simple, in that movie some New Gods can mentioned Krypton and its people suffering as it is predicted that the planet will explode. Also, something really interesting is a scene with Highfather Izaya (New Genesis Ruler) talking to one Kryptonian and that Kryptonian being Jor-El! That scene has to be a cameo in the beginning or end of the movie. Jor-El says the situation is getting worse on Krypton, but says Krypton is going to have its first natural birth after centuries. This show that this took place pre-Man of Steel. This shows Izaya know who Kal-El is.

That's just Kryptonian stuff, I can go on and on about the other races and Gods.

There are some minor tweaks in the story for the Man of Steel universe. I have to say this can happen and since there isn't a movie in 2015 for DC yet... this can fill the hole. We can see the Big Barda and the Female Furies, Orion, and Darkseid does not need a visible appears, and he can be mentioned only as the "Ruler of Apokolips," "Majesty," or "Him." The Female Furies can be a prototype for the Amazons.

What do you think about a movie about the New Gods staring Scott Free. Leave a comment below and share so this idea is out there.

Remember it's the thought that counts!


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