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Nolan Dykstra

The new trailer for the Michael Bay produced “ [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027)” Movie has made its way online, and at first glance it does look like him and the creators are taking their own route with our favorite Turtles. Changing some of the characters and their origin story, and while I’m personally excited for this movie, I know some are less than excited to see it, whether it’s because it’s Michael Bay, or his controversial Transformers series or the overall look of the new film. People are worried that he will "ruin" the Ninja Turtles. But here’s the thing: Michael Bay can’t ruin Ninja Turtles, because there’s nothing to ruin.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but bare with me here. I love Ninja Turtles, I’ve grown up watching the shows and the movies, but what’s interesting about the concept of the Turtles is this. Throughout the history of everything that’s been for Ninja Turtles, whether it be; the Comics, the Shows or the Films, what’s remained consistent? The answer: Almost nothing!

The consistent aspects of the Ninja Turtles throughout every project has been this: 4 walking, talking, mutated turtles who live in the sewers of New York, are trained by their Rat Master Splinter. April O’Neal, who is a Human friend of the Turtles, and finally Shredder and the Foot Clan. That’s it, those are the only aspects of the Turtles and their world, that have always been the same, the rest is basically up for interpretation. Let’s look at the projects they’ve done over the years.

We have the original Comics, created by Eastman and Laird.

Then we have the classic 80’s cartoon, which didn’t follow much of anything from the comics, and when it did, it was loose and comedic.

Then there was the TMNT Movie Trilogy from the 90’s, which combined the comic with the fun and nostalgia of the cartoon.

Later, in the early 2000's If I remember right, there was that ridiculous Next Mutation show, which I won’t go into.

Then my favorite out of all of the projects was the 2003 series, which was fantastic, and made a lot of bold moves, that were much closer to the comics and introduced a ton of new aspects and levels to the world, including making April a scientist, rather than a reporter. It also changed Shredder into an alien in a robotic suit with an Asian disguise. So we probably shouldn't be too angry about the casting choice for Shredder in the new film, since it's not the first time his character has been altered.

Then in 2007 we got the first TMNT Major Motion Picture in 14 years, which was not as well received by critics, but was a great movie, and made April some sort of curator or something, I’m not really sure what her job really was.

And now we have the new Nickelodeon series, which I’ve never seen, cause it doesn’t look that great, but I might give it a watch later on.

And now we have the new movie, which will take it’s own spin on the characters. When it was discovered last year that Shredder will be played by a white guy (William Fichtner), I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t happy either, but now that you saw my list you’ll see that Shredder’s basic persona has always remained consistent, not always the same race or even species, but again it’s the creators choice to change the character for their film. April’s job has changed a few times, from Scientist, to Reporter, to Scientist again, then a curator or whatever, and now back to a reporter. In one of the newer comic series, she’s a scientist who helped breed the turtles and worked in the lab that created the ooze? That’s definitely a switch-up. The turtles origin for the most part has been the same, and even though in the new film, their origin might differ slightly from the other interpretations, they’ll still be created by some kind of mutagen, and be the butt-kicking, pizza loving Turtles we know and love.

So come August, we’ll be getting a fresh new take on the turtles, and the movie could be good or it could be terrible. But it won’t be because Michael Bay “ruined” it. So let’s hope for the best.


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