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Only a week after releasing the first poster for “The Control Group” a second poster has been revealed. “The Control Group” is directed by Peter Hurd and stars Ross Destiche, Jenna Enemy, Justen Jones, Monique Candelaria, Jerry Angelo, Larry Laverty, Kodi Saint Angelo, Shane Phillip, Taso Stavrakis, Luce Rains, Brad Dourif in this horror film that has a group of college students trapped inside an abandoned insane asylum.

A group of college students wake up in an abandoned insane asylum, with no memory of how they came to be there. As they explore the building, the audience learns that the students are part of a covert government experiment, using the cover that what the they are experiencing is a supernatural haunting. However, unbeknownst to the scientists, the building actually is the site of a terrifying haunting, and soon enough both the teens and the scientists must band together if they want to escape the building alive.

Also check out the first poster below…

Poster No. 2 Released For “The Control Group”


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