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Marvel has just released some preview pages from their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1 comic, to be released April 2.

It is the first of two issues from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, which take place in the MCU as a prelude to the upcoming Guardians space-opera from James Gunn.

The prelude offers some insight into what the characters are up to before the events of the movie, including some dialogue from Thanos, hinting at his plans, and a look at what Gamora and Nebula are up to. Check this out:

We all know Gamora is Thanos' adopted daughter, but does this hint she'll be working with Thanos and Nebula when we first meet her? If so, what gets her to turn against Thanos and join the Guardians of the Galaxy? Interesting. This will definitely be one movie tie-in I'm checking out.

So, we've now had some more exciting Guardians of the Galaxy hints. In other superhero news Batman is going to meet Superman, and yet it's the talking raccoon I can't wait for. Marvel, you're doing everything right.

Don't forget - Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in theaters on August 1, 2014.

(Source: Newsarama)


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