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With Star Wars: Episode VII approaching, and the franchise having just been sold to Disney for over $4 billion, it might be hard to think of a time when its future was less certain.

In 1977, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg weren't much more than two up and coming directors who both had a thing for aliens and spaceships. Lucas visited Spielberg on the set of his movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, full of worry about his own film - Star Wars: Episode IV.

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Both directors then began to re-assure each other, each claiming that the other's film would make more money. In order to show they were sincere, they traded 2.5% of their respective films earnings. Whoever had the more successful film would lose that money.

As it turned out, both films were hits - but the scale of the success of Star Wars meant that over the years Steven Spielberg has earned over $40 million since its release!

So would you have made that bet? Do you think Disney will get a return on the $4 billion they payed for the Star Wars franchise? And just how big do you think Star Wars: Episode VII will turn out to be?

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Star Wars Episode VII will be....


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