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A liberal arts college (surprise, surprise) in New York state is offering students a course on everybody's favourite booty bearing twerkette, Miley Cyrus!

The sociology class covers a range of thought provoking topics revolving around the magnificent Miley including scrutinising her Mickey Mouse Club contemporaries and examining her growth from 'Disney tween to twerking machine'.

Check out the poster below if you don't believe me:

Clearly there is something wrong with students at Skidmore College because just THREE of them have enrolled so far. Either they are actually taking their education seriously Or, like me, they are concerned their burning questions won't be answered.

If 'The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media' answers the urgent queries below, then I'm there.

1. Dental hygiene and the falling profile of the tongue scraper in pop culture

In this unit we will examine the falling profile of the tongue scraper through various stages of Miley's transition to adulthood and explore the 'less hair, more tongue yeast' theory, and its relevance in her changing identity.

2. Vaginal constriction and its role in mental health

The constant aggravation and suffocation of Miley's genitals and its potential effects on concentration and mental wellbeing

3. Little people: Big rebellion

Drawing parallels to communist China, we will examine how suppressing the will of the oppressed could lead to the little people overthrowing Chairman Miley

4. Acquisition of status through customised paraphernalia

How Miley gains prestige through her exclusive paraphernalia, and how these skills are transferable to elevating your own status.

AKA where the hell do I go to get GOLD rolling papers?!

Now I have given you a tour through the twisted corridors of my Miley Cyrus intrigue, it would be rude of you not to do the same! What questions would have be itching to have answered on your ideal Miley course?


Would you study Miley Cyrus at college?

(Source: Dlisted via Skidmore)

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