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I don't know how KStew does it. I find the grocery store a hellish temple of torment and emerge sweating carrying none of the items I intended to buy. Kristen however, looks cooler than a cucumber in a freezer, and a fashionable one at that.

KStew was pictured hitting Gelson's Supermarket in L.A. with one of her close friends on Wednesday, and she certainly wasn't courting the spotlight. Wearing her pap deflecting uniform of her signature grunge gear, Kristen Stewart could have passed for any 23-year-old gal.

It's always great to get a fresh Kristen sighting, especially when she is in her natural habitat of Los Angeles getting a break from her gruelling film schedule. The actress is currently hard at work filming [Still Alice](movie:1168550) in New York, so let's hope she managed to get some downtime with her close knit group of chums.

Are any of you guys L.A. natives? Let us know if you have had any KStew sightings, it's imperative that we know all about them!


If I spotted KStew in public I would...

(Source: The Daily Mail)

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