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With Katherine dead and Elena cured from the mysterious virus, it seemed like things might quieten in The Vampire Diaries for a while - but unfortunately for Damon and Elena, that wasn't the case.

They got together at the end of the last episode, but as much as Elena and Damon want each other, they know it isn't a good idea. Especially as it was revealed that Elena is now a target for the witches and the travelers, who want her because she is the last doppelganger left.

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And the travelers seem a pretty determined bunch. After Caroline tried to kill Tom (Stefan's doppelganger) and found she couldn't, the show ended with her and Stefan being woken up by a group of travelers screaming in pain as they burnt themselves in an effort to get to the other side.

These plots are getting pretty hard to follow - but if that didn't make sense, you should go back and watch the episode!

But what do you think? Can Elena survive with both the witches and the travelers after her? What will happen with Stefan and Caroline? And do you miss the days when it The Vampire Diaries was just a show about vampires?

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