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Area 51 is the new project from AMC as they seek to find a new long running drama to pick up the mantle of the departing series' Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

And it comes with good pedigree: the pilot has been written by The X-Files creator Chris Carter, in what looks to be a return to the familiar territory of Aliens, Conspiracy and Government cover-ups.

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The show may not feature Aliens though - it is based on the New York Times bestseller Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base by Annie Jacobsen, a book which makes the unlikely claim that the famous Roswell crash site was in fact a Soviet plot, assisted by the former Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele, to send aircraft manned by 12 year old children to terrorize parts of America.

Whether or not it is true - it would make a good TV show.

But what do you think? Will Area 51 be the next hit for AMC? Are you looking forward to the return of Chris Carter? And what do you believe really happened at Area 51?

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What really happened at Area 51?


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