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The Season finale of The Walking Dead is almost upon us, which means bloodshed, violence and brutality is on the way.

We've heard over the past few days about how the final episode is going to be "savage" and that we'll see a "shocking" side of Rick never before witnessed.

Because of this I'm almost certain we're going to get "The Marauders" storyline from the comic book.

Obviously, things are going to get very spoilery from here on out.

In the comic book, the Marauders are a gang of savage bandits who ambushed Rick, Carl and Abraham on the highway. They managed to overpower the two adults, leaving Carl completely defenseless.

It's at this point that things get really dark.

One of the gang attempts to rape Carl while his captured father is forced to look on. But just when it looks like the evil bastard is going to get his wicked way, Rick violently bites out the throat of the guy holding him and Abraham puts a bullet in the other guy's brain.

The final member of the Marauders begs for mercy while attempting to flee but Rick chases him down before violently mutilating and killing him with his knife.

It's viciously dark stuff.

So let's talk about the [The Walking Dead](series:201193) TV show.

I think Joe and his group of 'Claimers' are the Marauders. They are hunting Rick for killing one of their own and and are close to catching him. They are all set to arrive at Terminus at the same time and you can guarantee it won't be handshakes and rounds of Gin Fizz when they finally meet up.

Joe and his gang will sneak up and take Rick and Michonne captive. One of the gang will spot Carl vulnerable and alone, and, looking him up and down with a look of vile infatuation, he will slowly point to the kid and utter the words "claimed".

The rest? Well, that's for to you to fill in the blanks.

If this prediction turns out to be correct, it might partly explain why AMC refused to allow Chandler Riggs to appear on The Talking Dead. Perhaps the network thought it would be too controversial to have a child actor discuss the possible rape of his character on the show?

What do you think will go down in the season finale? Whatever happens, you should come and join me for the final live blog of the season at It's going to brutal.


Do you think the Claimers are the Marauders?


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