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Aquaman is a difficult character to pin down. He is the butt of many jokes, where he is seen as a weird guy who wears orange and green and spends his time talking to fish.

But if you look at his character seriously, there is no reason why Aquaman is any dumber than any other hero. And if anyone was going to get Aquaman to lose his weedy (seaweed-y) image, it might just be Dwayne Johnson - aka The Rock.

Johnson has recently confirmed he will be playing a key D.C. character, tweeting:

A well known but never played DC character? That doesn't leave many options. But is Aquaman enough of a pure BAD ASS MF? Well, actually, he might be.

There is a version of Aquaman that isn't his goody-goody incarnation from SuperFriends. After all, this guy is the King of Atlantis and had complete dominion over the entire sea, ie 75% of the planet. And he doesn't always have the squeaky clean image that he is known for.

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It was his 90s incarnation that probably saw the roughest Aquaman yet. He lost a hand and replaced it with a harpoon, grew his hair long, and replaced his orange shirt with a gladiator's manica (a lot of stuff falls to the bottom of the sea, I guess). At this point Aquaman began to seem less like a wet guy who spoke to fish and more like a superhero version of the Greek God Poseidon.

The other place where Aquaman was given a chance to prove himself was with the Justice League. And he did prove himself - especially in Mark Waid and Grant Morrison's JLA and JLA: Year One.

Here he was shown as a complex hero; Lord of the Sea but a little uncomfortable above ground, with a chip on his shoulder, and exactly the kind of gruff, musclebound and complex character that Dwayne Johnson would be perfect for.

So with Aquaman one of the DC characters not yet to appear on the big screen, and DC building up to a Justice League movie to rival The Avengers - do you think we could see The Rock take to the seas in an Aquaman movie ready to prove the doubters wrong? Or will Aquaman always remain that one who talks to fish?

After all, the hair might be a bit of a problem.


Should Dwayne Johnson be cast as Aquaman?


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