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This movie is shrouded in so much mystery that while it's hopeless to try and predict what will happen, I thought i could have a bit of fun with a kind of wish list of my personal opinion which could very well be proved wrong on many points if things are done well. Oh, and yeah, spoiler warning for Man of Steel.

Firstly, please god do NOT call it '[Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870)'. These characters deserve more than a generic film about how they have to overcome their differences and defeat the common enemy. Yes there's going to be mistrust between two icons that represent such different ideals: one of fear and one of hope (yeah, guess which ones which) but we've seen superheroes banding together to fight a common enemy. Remember the Avengers? Cause it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll never trump the overcoming differences dynamic we saw there. It's ok for them to be at each others throats, just so long as it never properly comes to blows, after all trust is a long term investment, especially for a certain Mr. Wayne.

scary enough?
scary enough?

Make Batman scary. Yes, the movie probably has to clock in at a 12 (or PG-13 for any Americans) but I'd really love to see those boundaries stretched to their limits. Batman needs to strike utter terror into criminal's hearts rather than just beat them up all the time. Especially in this very grounded universe that MoS set up we need to see Bats do more than just threaten people with a broken bone. I think that we need at least one establishing scene of him mutilating someone pretty damn badly to get them to talk, even if it only happens kinda off screen. That way when he confronts Luthor, (which he inevitably will) he'll be seen as a threat, rather than just a voice in Superman's earpiece. Also, on top of that, more gadgets. The Nolanverse was a little restricted in its presentation of things like what he could have on his utility belt, but in a universe with aliens and Wonder Woman? They can go all out on the tech here and its an opportunity to really expand his arsenal of weaponry as well as detective kit to further that idea of him as someone who can stand next to Superman. Though i hope they don't go too far and make him a competitor with the man of steel, because realistically, batman can't take superman on in a straight up fight . Oh, and of course, Batfleck. He's proved himself to be a fantastic actor in 'The Town' and 'Argo', but a good batman? I dunno, it depends on what direction they're taking him in so i'll reserve judgement at least until i see a trailer, though i'm optimistic. So fingers crossed guys!

so, pants anyone?
so, pants anyone?

Focus on Superman. Ok, i get that i just talked about batman before him, negating my point slightly, but this IS a superman sequel. So we need to make it obvious that Superman is the one running the show and batman is just there to make a great movie greater, not a bad movie good. Wonder Woman can turn up, but preferably only as a cameo in the form of Diana Prince or some kind of post-credits teaser, because she definitely deserves a movie of her own. Superman should be the one with the character arc here cause after all, he has a lot of ground to cover after breaking Zod's neck. Also, i think an interesting dynamic would be if Batman had previously killed someone over the course of his origins, it would give them a really good point to bond over if bats had killed the joker under similar circumstances. Speaking of the joker, that leads me nicely to my next point...

No Batman villains. You heard me, none. Batman does have the greatest array of bad guys, but this is as i said before, a superman film. Personally I'd love Metallo to show up, but there are loads of other options out there if they don't want to introduce kryptonite. Doomsday would be a great way to expand out the universe into a more galactic scale and thus opening the door for someone like Darkseid or Brainiac (please o please!) to put in an appearance further down the line. But none of the batman villains really have the ability to challenge supes in a one-on-one fight though I'm all for seeing someone like Black Mask being taken down by bats in a brief scene early on.

Make it a little more light-hearted. MoS was very dry. It was still a solid movie in my opinion, but there were many, many problems, and the tone was one of the largest. I loved the Nolan Batman, but that doesn't mean that that kind of tone and hero works for superman. We want to see him with a smile on his face and cracking the occasional terrible joke to Lois, who really needs fleshing out after the way she was handled in the first entry. Superman is, as MoS preached but didn't practice, an ideal for humanity to strive towards and a beacon of hope. Definitely NOT bats with superpowers.

Either strike gold or go out in a blaze of glory. The last thing we need is another slightly above average movie. This is WB's last chance to prove their ability to construct a universe that can compete with the Marvel powerhouse, and if they can't? Then at least show that you took risks and TRIED. Judging from the casting they seem to be taking this approach, which is promising, but casting shouldn't really be judged until we see the movie itself. Still, at least there's hope to be had in this area.

wouldn't you love Jesse Eisenberg in that?
wouldn't you love Jesse Eisenberg in that?

Luthor in power armor. I have to say i enjoyed Gene Hackman as Luthor and i think Jesse Eisenberg has the chops to bring a refreshing new approach to the character. But i don't think i'll ever quite be satisfied unless he dons the iconic green and purple suit (though i can cut them some slack on the colours) and whups superman's - hopefully red pantied - ass. I've heard the theory of him modifying a kryptonian power armor he manages to salvage and i feel that could work, it would give a kind of logic to luthor being able to take him on despite being human because as we saw from the action sequences, this is a superman with incredible power that no-one can really compete with, even batman unless he was able to choose the time and place.

Don't directly set up the justice league. Yes it's inevitable that it will be referenced, and that's good, but at the end of the day, it's not gonna work if they set the justice league in stone, because maybe it would be better if we got a flash or martian manhunter movie, or maybe even a team-up movie with the two. But they should give themselves room to maneuver so that they don't rush into it purely because marvel are already there. Yes, i'm all for doing justice league straight after the this sequel, so long as they pace it right and make it feel like the natural progression. If not, then i've got no qualms with delaying it again in order to get it right.

Finally, don't overcrowd it. As before, this is a superman movie. Not the justice league, (but who knows) so while it should feel like an expanded universe, don't force the universe down our throats because then we'll just throw up on it. Reduce any roles of to-be main characters in it to cameos and make sure batman/Bruce Wayne isn't too much of a show-hog, though they have after all advertised it to us as a batman/superman movie.

So those are my hopes for the upcoming [Man of Steel](movie:15593) sequel, if there's anything you disagree on or think i missed out then go cry me a river, then point it out.

Never stop lovin' movies and superheroes guys!


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