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As I was looking over various posts yesterday I came across an article by Sarah Gibson that caught my attention because of two points that it brought up. The first one was that Felicity Jones has been confirmed as being in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) (I did an article myself on the topic of her potential casting on December 26 last year) and the other point is that according to the cast list of the Czech Dub of the movie she is playing a character named Felicia (possibly Felicia Hardy AKA the Black Cat). I was going to comment on Sarah's article until I took a closer look at the names on that casting list in her article. After about 4 hours of research I came up with 3 parts that Felicity is suited for in the movie, according to her various attributes and roles previously played. Although one of them is my original theory and her name isn't on the list in Sarah Gibson's Article there is a reason why I still think she could be in the movie (even if not played by Ms. Jones) as I will explain in my Article. So,Without further ado, here are my theories on which Characters Felicity Jones would be good playing on ASM2 and why I think she would be good playing that part:

Lily Hollister AKA Menace - This was my first theory as to whom Felicity was going to play due to some comments she made back in December about her saying that "I'm the Goblin's Girlfriend- I'm in a relationship with him, and His Accomplice." She had also said she was getting a Costume. As I researched this article I found out that Lily is 5' 6" tall and weighs 116 pounds with brown eyes and black hair (Felicity is 5' 3" tall and weighs 120 pounds with green eyes and black hair) according to her Marvel Wiki page. That means that Felicity is only 3 inches shorter and 4 pounds heavier then Lily and has different colored eyes (which can be corrected with contacts). That is such a small difference I don't see it mattering much, even to Comic Purists. Since she worded her statement in the way she did, I am looking at it as her saying she is in cahoots with both Green Goblins (She is Harry's Girlfriend and is Norman's Accomplice). The interesting part of this scenario to me is that she becomes pregnant and has a baby, but doesn't know which Osborn is the Father. She eventually leaves everything & everyone behind (including her child) leaving Harry to raise their child alone (He finds out he is the father eventually). The Reason I still consider this an option for Felicity's character is that in the Czech dub's casting list there is a Character named Kari whom I couldn't find anywhere in the Marvel wiki site as being affiliated with Spiderman in any way. As a matter of fact the only person with a name close to that I could find was Karim Mahwash Najeeb, who is linked to Ironman not Spiderman. Therefore, I am thinking that maybe the Czechs have a different name for Lily (like how James is Diego or Himi in Spanish) or they are simply trying to throw us off. Either way, It is still a viable, if unlikely option for Ms. Jones part.

Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat - This is the part that Felicity is apparently going to play and since she did say herself that she is going to get a costume and is an accomplice with the green goblin by her own admission it seems to make sense except for a few minor details: 1. As stated above Felicity is 5' 3" tall and Felicia is 5' 10" tall which is a huge difference in height, also Felicia has blond hair instead of black (which I am sure could be addressed with either a wig or hair dye), Their eye color and weight is exactly the same however, making Felicity a 50/50 match for Felicia.

2. The next thing is that even though Black Cat breaking off her relationship with Spiderman is what drove him to date Mary Jane in the comics, I couldn't find any mention of Black Cat being the girlfriend or Accomplish of either of the Green Goblins, which is why her comments back in December don't add up with her playing the Black Cat to me.

Dr. Ashley Kafka - This is my newest theory and is quickly becoming my number one guess as to what I think should have been Felicity's part in the Amazing Spiderman 2.

Here are the reasons why:

Reason number 1. Dr. Kafka is also a good match for Felicity since she is also 5' 6" tall just as Menace is and also has black hair. She does have blue eyes, but contacts could fix that detail and the best part from my point of view is that Dr. Kafka weighs 140 pounds (which means that Felicity could gain weight during filming and it not make a difference as far as the character was concerned).

Reason number 2. We have already seen in the final trailer for the movie that Ravencroft is featured and Dr. Kafka is the founder of Ravencroft as well as one of the Doctors who treated Electro, amongst many others (Doctor Octopus, Carnage, Vulture, etc).

Reason number 3. She was once impersonated by the Chameleon in order for him to escape the Sanitarium (that could be the costume she was referring to in the interview back in December or she could have just been talking about her Doctor's outfit because everyone in a film has a costume on after all if you think about it).

Reason number 4. She was associated with Empire State University before founding Ravencroft.

Reason number 5. She appeared 62 times in the comics before being murdered when an inmate named Massacre escaped.

Finally, the Czech dub has a listing for someone named Kafka on it, so we know the character is in the movie. As far as Felicity saying she was the girlfriend of the Green Goblin and his Accomplice, that could have meant she dated Harry in College and helped him or his father keep their Identity Secret in her job as a Psychiatrist due to Doctor/Patient Confidentiality. We'll just have to wait and see.

There you have them folks, the three roles I think Felicity Jones was best suited to play in the Amazing Spiderman 2 and my reasons why. As always comment below and follow me on [email protected] or on facebook at the entertainment writer if you wish.


Which of these Characters would you have wanted to see Felicity Jones to play?


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