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As a major fan of Storm in the comics and all animated shows, I feel like there is something(s) obviously missing from the character we see in the movies. And I'm not just talking about the elephant in the room (Halle Berry) but the big heads (Fox) that passed the bill on how the mutant was to be portrayed on film.

I literally stayed up for hours last night (vamping) doing research on the character after watching all three X-Men movies and a little bit of X-Men Anime and i noticed how de-powered she is, and not just relating to her mutant abilities. of course Wikipedia was the strong hold in this information and I was marveled on how powerful she is on paper compared to film. Now don't get me wrong I've seen EVERY 90's X-Men cartoon about 100 times and she still didn't tap into the power that was stated online and in comics. Just to name a few traits that were left out in the character today were..


Her ancestry studied and supported the art and it flourished in her favor mainly because her family worshiped the Egyptian goddess Ma'at. Of course we know that white magic mainly consist of the conjuring of healing spells and I have yet to witnessed her heal herself or anyone else in media.


Supposedly she is supposed to be an EXCELLENT combatant having been trained in hand-to-hand combat by Achmed el-Gibar (Shadow King), Professor X, Wolverine, and Black Panther. Add that with her high level strategic knowledge she should be totally combat ready for anyone. Not so much in the movies (Callisto owned Storm). And even in the cartoons whenever she was forced to fight she showed skill average at best.


I read that a mutant named Nanny reverted Ororo to a baby and Storm STILL had the skill of picking a lock with her TEETH!! Whaaa?? lol how awesome is that?? Plus the idea that she is an expert thief since childhood and managed to slip pass pick pocketing Professor X still baffles me. I know that Fox doesn't want to make her look like a criminal but these were her essential skills of survival and we should know this about her in today's media.

Looking at all that Fox has/had to bring to the forefront most of the attention was brought to Wolverine and to a lesser extent Scott. Maybe there wasn't enough time to shed some light on the character or maybe they didn't feel the need to dig into her rich history in fear that Wolverine or Scott would be overshadowed. The little solo stories that they did produce for Storm in the cartoons weren't that great at all since she always needed "saving" in the end and displayed the same repertoire of powers to get out of trouble. I root for her even though I have lost all faith in her "bad-assery" due to Fox..but seeing that Fox is bringing X-Men Apocalypse back to the 80's time period I would assume (hope/pray) that Bryan would try to introduce the younger X-Men, hence no Halle Berry (yay). So I looked up another candidate to fill in that role and I found her... JESSICA WHITE.

Groovy right??...Let's just hope that if Fox does end up recasting Storm not only do they stick to the REAL character but they recast someone that could do the OMEGA LEVEL mutant justice for us nerds. Goodnight. lol


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