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Johnny Veins

In a future devastated by disease, a virus has swept Planet Earth. A virus so deadly that is has not only left the planet completely uninhabitable, but has also killed off the only hope humankind has of repopulating the species fertile women. All, that is, except one. Special Forces have been called in and given the mission of delivering the only survivor to her new home planet, Earth Two.

All at the top of their individual fields, the team tasked with protecting and delivering the young woman known only as The Package is made up of six members: Mic, the leader of the unit; Big Guy, an explosives expert with a knack for mountain climbing; Sniper, a crack-shot Scotsman; Snoop, experienced in Technology and Telecommunication; Doc, a Harvard Medical Professional; and Tank, a tough-as-nails, no nonsense career soldier and the only female of the team.

Classified as Blue Planet, the team sets off for Earth Two, believing their destination to be both safe and unoccupied. They were dead wrong. Forced underground upon landing, the team finds themselves in a bunker being hunted by an unseen force. Left with no options, they must wind their way through an endless set of tunnels and rooms that decrease in size with every step of the way. Fighting exhaustion, claustrophobia, and a bloodthirsty creature that is immune to their bullets, the team must crawl deeper through the quickly shrinking subterranean tunnels. They have no choice. The creature is closing in behind them and their mission is clear – Protect the Package at all costs. Who will survive in this terrifying game of cat and mouse? When you have a homicidal monster on your heels, and a two-foot wide dirt tunnel in front of you, your only option is to CRAWL OR DIE.

On DVD August 12th!!


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