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The Age of the SuperHero is now!!!
Cyler Horsley

Well, I've been thinking about it a lot lately with all the commotion being stirred up by such movies like [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) and [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) about to hit theaters near you sooner than you would think, and it got me thinking of the little guys of comics and why they need some silver screen attention as well and could change the dynamic of their respected cinematic universe's if introduced correctly.

Now there are a slew of heroes that many probably could come up with to compile a list for the ages and I want to hear your thoughts and choices for Heroes that you personally would like to see either as a solo film or perhaps a new avengers character introduced.

My top choice is non other than the awesome that is Moon Knight:

First off the biggest thing people probably take away from first glance of this vigilante is "BATMAN COPYCAT." I would have to say they do share some similar traits and abilities. MK is an expert hand to hand combats-man, uses his large amount of wealth o design his gadgets, weapons and suit with the help of a trusted Butler at times. However there is more to MK than meets the naked eye.

The most interesting plot point to this character is One he does in fact have an awesome superpower. Through some accidental spelunking after being a hired mercenary in Africa, Marc Spector finds an awesome find including that of which is a statue of the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu. He is then beset with supernatural powers that are dictated by the phase of the moon. By day he is a normal human being and at night his strength increases according to how full the moon is at times int he comics being able to go toe to toe with the Hulk himself at Full Moon Rise.

The second awesome reason is to how he works and moves through the Marvel Universe. After he claimed a small fortune from being a mercenary he adopts the identity of Steven Grant of whom is a rich play boy-esque character whom he uses to purchase a large estate and many other goodies. A second identity is adopted of which he names himself Jake Lockley who is just a normal poor guy on the streets as a Taxi cab driver and other more low profile levels of work so he can keep an eye and an ear towards the scum of the city and know of the more underground and criminal activities thus making an awesome combo for a the making of a great hero.

The story is more than good vs evil it is also very inter twined with inner battle he faces and the struggle to truly find of which of his identities is truly his real self or a total loss of identity as a whole. In my opinion he is one of the most unique characters of the Marvel universe and would be a great contribution to the cinematic universe. Perhaps a Daredevil team up movie would suffice:)

Who are your choices?


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