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Now, today I was browsing Amazon to find some Blu-Rays, and while I was scrolling through I saw " [Scary Movie 5](movie:24025)" and I just thought to myself "Why was that even made?" and I started looking through other Parody films on Blu-Ray so I thought to buy "Superhero Movie" because it was $3 and I kind of enjoyed it...kind of. Superhero Movie was the best parody movie that I can remember in recent years, and that isn't really saying much! What im surprised at is that Haunted House is getting a sequel, there are 5 Scary Movies and only the first two were good, but yet Superhero Movie 2 hasn't been made, and I think with Hollywood cranking out lazily-crafted parody movie after lazily-crafted parody movie, you would think at least this would get a sequel. Now I will admit, it wasn't knee-slappingly funny but it was decent enough and with all the Superhero Movies now you could totally some funny jokes, and you could also make fun of some plot-holes and make it funny, how about if they did make a sequel and they took time to make it they shouldn't parody the Sam Raimi movies, now we have the Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man movie series, and you could make a ton of jokes with that. Make fun of some really crappy comic book films like Green Lantern, RIPD, Catwoman, and Batman and Robin! As well as making fun of some plot-holes or some small flaws with other comic-book movies like The Dark Knight Rises and they could make fun of some flaws in [Man of Steel](movie:15593) (Im not saying I hated Man Of Steel, it was one of my favorite movies of 2013). Let's get back to why hollywood even tries with this anymore is because of money, I once met someone who said "Scary Movie 5" was their favorite movie and that "The Dark Knight" was boring, now I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but really? So some people are obviously interested in it. Now is there one parody of superheroes that is hilarious in every way? Oh...wait....


CollegeHumor's Badman shorts on Youtube are hilarious and it would be amazing if it was turned into a feature-length parody film, it could save parody movies!

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