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I wanted to make a top 5 article cause 1) I was bored outta my skull & 2) cause I can. Now, while you read this keep in mind that I am making this with all shows (official & rumored) & movies (official & rumored) are in a shared universe. Since there is still a sliver of a chance that everything is connected, I'm gonna keep thinking like this. So, let's begin.

#5: This one is a bit of a long shot, Kate Kane, Batwoman;

I thought of Kate because of how her fan-base is relatively small to anybody but among comic fans, it's relatively big enough to have a small appearance. Plus, with her being a gay, female comic character & with DC wanting to be different than Marvel, why not hit 2 birds with 1 stone?

#4: Now this character has a huge fan-base among the younger audience, she is still known among hardcore comic readers, Artemis Crock;

With this addition, I was hoping we also get Sportsmaster & Cheshire. Trying to give DC some characters that hit with some demographics.

#3: On this list, probably the one I want most, Mia Dearden, Speedy;

I love Roy Harper, don't get me wrong but I do want Roy to leave some point in the series (hopefully into the rumored Teen Titans/Young Justice TV series). With Mia, it gives DC more of that realistic tone they are looking for. She brings in big problems going on in the world like STDs, teen sex, poverty. DC did say they wanted to be different.

#2: Now these next to are rumored heroes to be in the show down the line. Here we have Charles Victor Szasz or Vic Sage, The Question;

I think Question can be what Green Arrow was to Smallville. I know we got Black Canary right now but how long before Sara gets killed off in the show?

#1: Easy & simple, Dick Grayson, Nightwing;

Do I need to give an explanation?

What you guys & gals think? Tell me what you think


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