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So, I made an 'Arrow' version of this article yesterday. Like the other article, I'm only doing heroes. Now, since 'Flash' is a superpower show, I decided to think of powered heroes. And like the last, I'm starting with #5 going down to #1.

#5: Kind of a long shot, Hal Jordan, Green Lantern;

Everyone wants Hal involved with Flash. Can't deny it. I would love to have Hal be apart of 'Flash'. Having Hal apart of the series would help bring in a lot more characters to bring in later on in the future.

#4: DC has already used this character in 'Smallville', Bart Allen, Impluse;

I would write Bart in by having him come to our time to help stop Eddie Thawne from killing Barry. I would like it to be maybe the ending of the 2nd season or sometime during the 3rd season.

#3: With Barry Allen being a law official, having this hero pop up would be perfect, Virgil Hawkins, Static;

Having Virgil written as a delinquent with unknown abilities would be something that would catch the Scarlet Speedster's eye.

#2: Now, if this hero doesn't get involved in this series, I'm gonna be pissed beyond belief. Wally West, Kid Flash;

One (if MP doesn't change this picture), look at the New 52 Wally costume! It's badass! I love it. Two, Wally West. Need I say more? I don't? Too bad, I'm continuing!

#1: Since DC doesn't want a "Superman-esque" hero on the big screen, TV here we come. Billy Batson, Shazam;

Think of all the connections between Barry & Billy. Both orphans, both are very fast human beings. The emotional connection with the 2 would make it great for DC to explore. And like I said in the other article, I have the mindset that DC has a shared universe. So, with Diana Prince already being shown to the world in the terrible release of 'MoS 2', it would be a lot easier to explain Billy's powers. Billy is literally the first DC character I thought of to make a cameo for this series.

Now that you've read through this very quick, non-educational article, you may now tell me how you feel about here hopes & wishes.


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