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Jerome Maida

If there were any doubts that Cynthia Rothrock is back in a big way, they just took a roundhouse kick to the face.

Already confirmed to start shooting "The Martial Arts Kids" with other martial arts greats, Rothrock was busy filming "Rapid Fire" this week with co-star Vivica A. Fox. Rothrock plays the head of the CIA, and the plot has the President's daughter kidnapped by a woman played by Brigitte Nielsen ("Red Sonja"). Rothrock then puts a team together that includes Fox, Zoe Bell ("Death Proof", "Raze"), Kristanna Loken ("Terminator 3", "Painkiller Jane"), They are in prison and if they rescue her they will be pardoned.

"This was a different kind of role for me to play. Not much action but a lot of technical dialogue", says Rothrock. "I got the script the night before and had to be on set early morning with many pages of dialogue. She had nothing but praise for Fox. "Vivica was great to work with", says Rothrock. "She is smart, an excellent actress, tough and very funny."

So we're getting China O'Brien teaming up with The Terminatrix, Painkiller Jane and Copperhead to take down Red Sonja. Sounds like fun to me!


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