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So if you've seen the new Transformers 4 trailer, you probably thought the Decepticon invasion was something to take place much deeper into the movie than the first 20 minutes or so. With the release of this new poster for Age of Extinction, it doesn't look like that's the case anymore!

With this movie, the vibe is more of "citizens who find themselves caught in the middle" like the first film than it is "previous heroes trying to feel needed again" like we saw in Transformers 2 and Transformers 3. The civilian escape also has a War of the Worlds and world disaster which always brings in crowds by the millions.

It appears that after the humans show up at the new characters' home in search for Optimus Prime that the Decepticons aren't far behind. Do the Decepticons need Optimus Prime in order to complete their newest evil plot? It may appear so, as we see Optimus dangling by his leg in the first trailer.

We can also see there's becoming more and more emphasis on this enormous Cybertronian ship, as this poster as well as some of the trailers really focus on what it does: which in some scenes we actually see it sucking up skyscrapers like a vacuum.

What is the importance of this ship? Could it possibly be a Transformer in itself?

[Transformers 4](movie:206531) Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters June 27th, 2014.


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