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Now, before everyone starts throwing things at me, hear me out. OUCH! Who threw that?

Now, calm down and cut me some slack until you've heard my arguments. You see, I heard everyone begging for a [Black Widow Solo Movie](movie:1070824) focussing on her origins, and at first I was on board, but then the more I thought about it, the less enthusiastic I got about it until in the end I came round to thinking that maybe its not such a great idea.

Take the aforementioned Black Widow. The fact that she has this elaborate backstory of being a freelance criminal (seemingly) and joining SHIELD to go straight, adds to her character depth and makes her feel truly three -dimensional, fleshing out her character and making the world she inhabits that bit more believable. And world-building is one of the key aspects of the MCU. Delving straight into that story she has could all too easily over saturate her character to the point where she no longer feels so complex as we have seen her whole story pan out in front of us.

The same goes for a [Hawkeye Solo Movie](movie:1070822). We know virtually nothing about him except that he once fought in Budapest with Black Widow. And I think its better that way. It establishes a universe with so much going on that we can't possibly explore every loose end, but instead we get tantalizing glimpses into their pasts via references. This also creates mystique as well as more interesting character, on top of being three-dimensional. It shows us that they have been around and done a lot in their lives rather than just appearing in this universe, rather than just being plot devices for an origin movie. But a prequel runs the risk of dumbing down the character to the point of destroying this mystique and intrigue that surrounds the character.

Then of course, there's the fact that if prequels were made, theres pretty much a guarantee that not all of them will be good movies. Marvel/Disney have an impressive track record in this universe, but they aren't exactly infallible. They did after all make 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'Iron Man 2'. And a bad prequel can ruin characters and stories completely. I'm looking at you here star wars! And do you guys remember a certain 'X-men origins: Wolverine'. No? me neither, though I do remember erasing something with a similar name from my memory...

I'm not really opposed to the idea of prequels, 'X-men First Class' was, well, first class, and I love the ongoing Hobbit trilogy (though its not technically a prequel) But in this case for the MCU, I don't see them fitting in and working. Though I'm all for the idea of standalone movies for originally secondary characters that reveal more, but not all, of their beginnings. Still, I'm all for being proved wrong with an excellent prequel about someone like Agent Romanov that works well with the overarching continuity of the universe. I'm just very cynical about such a thing happening.

What do you think? Do you agree or are you one of those people who was throwing stuff at me?

Never stop lovin' movies or superheroes guys!


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