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The current birth of a new movie genre has given grate hope to many comic book fans across the globe. The many heroes we all grew up with are coming to life before our very eyes and this is truly an incredible time to be both a movie fan and a comic book fan, I feel this is so incredible because in our generation we get to witness an amazing piece of history, technology and the imagination of some of the greatest creative minds are melding together culminating in beautiful pieces of art leaping from page to screen. (and I was beginning to become very cynical regarding anything spectacular happening in our generation)

No longer are comic books being turned into an unrealistic portrayal of slapstick action and low brow pun's and jokes. (yes, Joel Schumacher I'm talking to you, thanks for nearly killing batman for us!) Instead thesse films have evolved into grounded, gritty and realistic films where fans can see a world war two veteran team up with a norse god and a green goliath with severe anger issues and walk away from the screen thinking, "you know what, that could actually happen." writers are using science and real personal values to make these films more realistic and heart felt where fans can walk away from their cinema feeling inspired and passionate. Just look at the big boys that started this all, marvel studios brought science, magic, emotions and even myth and tied it all together in a beautiful tapestry of continuity. Even DC had one of the most inspirational film makers (in my opinion) bring Batman back from near film extinction, Christopher nolan created an entirely realistic Bat-verse as well as help helm man of steel into a breath taking and powerful movie. (and i was not a superman fan prior)

But with this ever growing success (and not so grate success) comes the ever flowing anger of many a fan when their favourite part of a character or story is not included in the film they chose to see. Now don't misconstrue what I'm trying to say because I'm a die hard comic book fan and movie lover and I myself have a great level of love and admiration for both creators and fans a like, some of the greatest debates between fans have inspired me in my book writing as i read and listen to what fans want, but i do feel there are those that over look what an amazing thing is happening in our age. I read on forums where fans slaughter a movie producer or director for their casting choices or the looks of a character in a film (referring to how disappointed/outragged people are at the images of the Scarlett Witch in avengers: age of ultron)

I feel these people need to have a more open mind on some aspects of the comic book film industry (apart from fox, i'm not a fan of what they're doing lol again my opinion, lets just hope days of future past helps this.) I've read the Marvel cinematic universe taking a tongue lashing, but people fail to see that this is not a direct translation from comic page to film screen, it's an entirely new universe crafted and created with grate care and planning. Not everything will translate from page to film so well and this is something as fans that we are going to have to accept and trust the creative minds at work to deliver something new thats going to strike a chord for both fans of comics and non fans. as much as I hate it, these films are not made just for us, they are to cast a wider net and show the world that these colourfully dressed men and women we follow for years are actually kick ass titans of power and respect and actually stand for something. They give people something to look up to and admire, the fact these films exist has made comic book fandom something that use to happen behind closed doors to something that is now one of the most popular subject on the planet right now.

Maybe as fans we should be more accepting of a new universe where we get to see our idols portrayed on the big screen and put our trust and faith in the hands of marvel studios etc and hope they continue to deliver incredible and thought provoking films. Try to stop the hate and respect the process and wait for the final product before we cast judgment, just like Sheldon commented in the big bang theory "i hated the idea of a new incredible hulk but actually Mark ruffalo was a lot better." (paraphrased quote of course!) now I'm not a fan of Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, but like Zack Snyder said we don't know the scripts, we don't know the tone of the film. but we do know the current string of films have been breath taking and amazing. (for the most part) the current backlash and pressure fans put on film makers could have a negative effect, pretty soon film makers could turn and say "you know what, we're damned if we do and we're damned if we don't so let's throw the original source material out the window and make the film we want to see because the fan's are never going to be happy either way. let's just throw more crap like green lantern out into the cinemas, because even if the fans aren't happy people are still going to pay to see our films!"

I personally don't want this to happen and i think other film studios could learn a lot from what marvel have started. Fan's asked for more from their films, so they created post credit scenes, the fans still asked for more so now they have two post credit scenes and countless trailers and teasers that weren't really the norm before, yet people still aren't happy. Let somethings slide, the Scarlett witches outfit fits with the grounded realism of the avengers movie universe, the falcon turned out to be an amazing part of the winter soldier film and maybe in the future Jessie Eisenberg could be an unbelievable Lex Luthor or maybe not, but for now people, just have faith in whats to come and if anything sucks believe me I will be right their moaning with you all, but a little open mindedness never hurt anyone. Try to take on some of the moral beliefs our heroes have when you watch these films or it could very well mean the end of a potential beautiful marriage of film and comic book. You all have freedom of speech and I admire the passion and the love that drives the fan base but in the immortal words of take that "have a little patients" because the worlds catching up with us as comic book fans and this could be our time to lead the charge and make this small slice of history last for countless years to come (and a world run by us comic book fans would be one creative and emotive world and dare i say "a perfect one") the last thing we want is for our passion and want of more accuracy to have a detrimental effect on the films to come, especially now the films are influencing the books (I.E Nick furry jr. in the marvel universe, no red pants for superman etc.)

Fans accepted the ultimate universe after a while, so just think of these films as an entirely new universe that adds to the multiverse that exists in the books, two universes existing in the same space with different interpretations. Most importantly let's all hope Hawkeye is a lot better in age of ultron compared to avenger assemble (now that did tick me off and don't even get me started on what fox did to deadpool lol)

so what do you guys think? is there room for acceptance of all version of these comic book heroes or do you feel film makers should stick religiously to the source material no matter how silly it looks on screen (like Namors winged feet, and the brightly coloured spandex outfits, or even redwing the falcons birdie side kick) because the film makers do take note of many of the contributions fans voice online.


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