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Hi, My Name Is Kevin Sekenski, And I Have Loved Movies My Entire Life! I've Always Thought That Movies Are A Gateway, To Amazing Things!
Kevin Sekenski

I Don't Know About You, But There Are Some Characters, Or Games, Or Books In Life That I Personally Think Would Do So Well In The Theaters! And Would Be Fun To See! As Long As They Do Them Right! So, Without Further Ado, Here Is My List Of Movies That Absolutely, MUST be made!

  • Skyrim

I Think That Skyrim Could Do Pretty Well! Yes, There Are Are Tons Of Options In Skyrim, Especially The Choice Of What Kind Of Character To Play As! But, I Think They Could Pick A Generic Nord, With The Main Armor In The Game:

Then Tell The Main Story, And It Could Do Well! Add Some Things In, Maybe Make It Into A Series In Parts, Whatever, That's Up To The Makers Of The Film! One Other Thing, Check Out This Fan-Made Poster! It's Kinda Awesome!

  • Deadpool

I'm Pretty Sure That Every Comic-Book Nerd (Like Me) Wants To See This Happen! It's Just A Mixture Of Everything A Guy Wants In A Movie!

  • Violence

Deadpool Is All About Just Shooting And Killing, With Blood Everywhere!

  • Comedy

[Deadpool](movie:38663) Is Probably The Most Charismatic Comic-Book Character In The Entire Comic-Book Universe! Sorry Tony Stark!

And Last But Least:

  • Sex

When Deadpool Sees a girl, the charm turns on, and his thoughts and worries just melt away, and all he wants to do right then and there, is... well, you get the jyst. Plus, like, EVERY girl in the the deadpool comics are in bikinis, so.

  • Portal

I'm Probably The Only Person who Wants This! But I Think It Could Be A Pretty Cool Thing! The Game Is Constantly Being Narrated! All They Would Need To Do Is Maybe Lose Some Test-Chambers, So It Wouldn't Just Be A Fifteen Minute Montage Of Puzzles!

Anyway, I Think These Could Be Pretty Cool To Make!


Which Of These Do You Think Could Be Cool?


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