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The Rock revealed that he can be a tough guy in real life as well as in the world of WWE. In an interview with Cinemablend the star revealed that 50 crew members were fired from the Hercules set, and he was totally behind the decision.

The reason for the mass firings on set? People trying to leak images of The Rock's top secret new look as [Hercules](movie:365390). The star explained that;

I would say maybe close to 50 people were fired - crew members - all trying to sneak pictures. So there's that. There's mandate, and we all agreed on that

However, the team behind the film were happy to allow Johnson to tweet scores of images of his character during the film's production. When questioned about the behind the scenes shots that he released himself, The Rock (AKA Dwayne Johnson) explained that his selective sharing on social media was a homage to his fans. The actor explained that;

I told the studios...’Hey, what I'd like to do is take the audience and the fans on a journey from beginning to end, because it's such a passion project for me. So from the time I get to Budapest, I'd like to take them on a journey in terms of what my diet is, what my training is and on set too.’ They said, ‘Well, how are you going to do that?’ I said, ‘Well, trust me. Somehow I'm going to do it

Whereas I have absolutely no problems with people getting fired for disobeying clauses in their contract, I am surprised that The Rock decided to share this information. Dwayne Johnson's nice guy images is clearly as important to him as his colossal physique, and telling the press how people lost their livelihoods for taking photos of looks that he was also releasing could come across as a little hypocritical.

Do you think that studios need to have an all or nothing policy when it comes to sharing images of the set? Or, is it reasonable for the stars of the show to be given special permissions?

The images that The Rock released certainly got me more interested in Hercules, so it must be a great free publicity tool.


Do you think studios do enough to prevent leaks?

(Source: Comic Book Movie via Cinemablend)

(Images: Lyles Movie Files, Yahoo via Twitter)


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