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Details for Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World are being kept under wraps, but a potential filming location for the dino adventure has emerged - and it could have seismic repercussions for the plot of the movie.

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The Hawaii Film & Video Magazine is reporting the movie is scheduled to film on location at Honolulu Zoo as well as shooting some external scenes in San Diego.

While the news that Jurassic World is set to lense in Hawaii is no great surprise - the island doubled as Isla Nublar in the first movie - the fact some scenes are set to be filmed in San Diego is really intriguing.

The city witnessed a rampaging T-Rex in The Lost World, which suggests to me this movie will either feature flashbacks to the sequel, or else San Diego will once more feel the wrath of an angry dino.

Looking forward to returning to San Diego or would you prefer to see a new location?


Are you excited about Jurassic World?

(Source: Hawaii Film & Video Magazine)


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