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It turned out to be the biggest role of his career, but Chris Evans nearly turned Captain America down the first time the producers asked him to play the role. And if he had, he says it would now be "the biggest mistake of [his] life".

In an interview with the Toronto Sun the actor discussed his career thus far and revealed how reluctant he had been to take the role he is best known for due to his mixed feelings taking part in The Fantastic Four films.

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The Fantastic Four had a lot to do with my concerns about playing Captain America. Those Fantastic Four movies… how do you say this correctly? This is where interviews get tricky. If you’re going to get locked up in a long-term contract, you’ve got to make sure the movies you’re making are movies you’ll be proud of.
With a lot of movies I’ve made, I’ve had something to question. And the Fantastic Four was a three-movie deal (though only two were ever made). Captain America was a six-picture contract (counting three Avengers movies). And Robert Downey Jr. had already set the tone with the Iron Man movies, there already was a following. So those six movies were for real.

Later in the interview, he had kind words to say about Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, saying that he thought Michael B. Jordan would do a great job in his former sole as The Human Torch, calling him "just a phenomenal actor".

But what do you think? Can you imagine a Captain America without Chris Evans? Are you looking forward to The Winter Soldier? And if you were going to play any superhero across six films, who would you choose and why?

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