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Socially conscious Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev have taken time out from their serious careers to do some cheesy overacting for a lighthearted PDA about a very serious subject.

The stars gleefully pantomime their way through a stereotypical Hollywood day before tragedy strikes during an ill planned selfie photo opportunity. The video aims to educate young Americans about the importance of health care cover by pointing out the pressure an accident could have on their purse strings.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) and Twilight actresses then go on to urge people to apply for the Affordable Healthcare Act before the deadline of March 31st 2014.

Check out the hilarious video below;

Did all of you guys manage to get signed up before yesterdays deadline? As Dobrev pointed out, it is as easy to insure yourself as it is your pet dog so there are really no excuses to put your life, and bank balance at risk.

What do you think of the video? A little too silly, or a lighthearted way to approach a difficult topic?


Do you think celebrities should get involved with politics?

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