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Handkerchiefs at the ready ladies, I have some terrible, terrible news. Super hunk of Hollywood, Robert Pattinson is too snowed under by his colossal workload to date.

A source at Hollywood Life is helpfully burying rumors that the very same website created just yesterday about the star dating Dylan Penn. The anonymous 'friend' of RPatz said that;

Rob and Dylan are friends, but that’s it. They are not back together. They are not dating each other. Rob is so busy with work right now that dating is pretty much not on his radar

What a surprise!

Even though Robert Pattinson is clearly up to his neck in movie roles, I'm sure the rumors will just keep on coming. I bet you $5 there is at least one more by the end of this week. Hell, I would even bet the clothes off my own back.

Does anyone think it's about time that the rumor mill got some new celebs to scrutinize constantly? I think Rob has had his fair share of ridiculous fictional romances and it's only fair that they get shared out a bit!

Who do you think will be the next big stars to suck in every ounce of the worlds media attention like the Twilight alumni?


The next Robert Pattinson could just be...

(Source: Times of India via Hollywood Life)

(Images: Robsten Dreams, The Daily Mail)


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