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Is Kristen Stewart a time travelling witch? It's a question that I ask myself often, and while generally the answer is 'no', some sources believe otherwise!

You might not have noticed on first glance, but the picture below isn't Kristen!

It is in fact Grace Slick of the legendary psychedelic rock band Jefferson Aeroplane. When you compare it to KStew in profile, the resemblance really is uncanny.

Is Kristen performing some sort of sorcery? I think you're own common sense can answer that one, but she might just have a doppelgänger...

KStew and Grace Slick don't just basically share a face though. They are also both über-cool independent, alternatively spirited ladies! Go girls!


Is Kristen Stewart a magical sorcerer?

(Source: io9)

(Images: Celebitchy via WENN, Fanpop)


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