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The video quality might not be the best - but it is worth watching this The Amazing Spider-Man 2 clip anyway to see Spidey in action.

In this clip from the movie we the first time Max Dillon (the future Electro) comes face to face with Spider-Man - after he is saved from being hit by a car.

Spider-Man even has time for a quick chat, rearranges Dillon's hair and hands him back the blueprints he has dropped. In fact, the clip seems to answer the question that was recently raised by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb: is there any more helpful superhero than Spider-Man?

Take a look at the clip here:

So did you like what you saw? How much are you looking forward to seeing the next Spider-Man movie, which is now only a month away? And is Spidey the most helpful hero out there?

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Who is the most helpful superhero?


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