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The Den is a new horror movie that takes the explores the dark side of the internet.

The plot follows Elizabeth Benton, a graduate student who wants to investigate the online habits of users of a video-chat site known as THE DEN. At first, she is happy to see the strangeness and variety of the online community - however, on one call, she witnesses a bound and gagged teenage girl murdered in front of her eyes.

When she informs the police and they dismiss it as a prank, Elizabeth is forced to investigate alone. She is then sucked into the internet's darkest abysses with a killer who toys with her in his desire to make her his next victim.

You can also check out The Den's website, which asks you to upload a picture from your webcam and have your friends design a poster for the movie.

Watch The Den's trailer here:

So how scary do you think this webcam-based movie looks? Is The Den something you would want to see? And what is the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the Internet?

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The Den looks....


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