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Rumor has it that Robert Pattinson is urgently rummaging for room in his hectic schedule to squeeze in a little lovin' with a former flame.

The [Life](movie:974904) Hunk is said to be planning a romantic rendezvous with none other than the stunning Dylan Penn in Madrid. And the proof? Unsurprisingly - absolutely none!

Hollywood Life is reporting that Dylan was looking happy at an airport and that simply MUST mean that she is excited because Rob is going to meeting her there soon. The website spat out the following tripe;

Dylan was all smiles when she was spotted at the Madrid-Barajas airport in Spain on March 28... that’s because she’s planning to meet up with Rob in the capital city very soon! Dylan and Rob have reportedly picked up where they left off last fall, but they’re keeping their rekindled romance on the down-low for now.

Can somebody please open a window because the smell of bull crap oozing from this rumor is killing me. They couldn't even rustle up a fabricated anonymous source for this one!

As far as I can tell from my near stalkerish observation, Robert Pattinson has been working solidly for months. The chance of him taking some down time to fly to Madrid to meet someone he probably never even dated is about as remote as me marrying him myself.

Oh well, because this rumor is clearly rubbish, at least we all still have a chance. Can I get an Amen in here ladies?


Did Rob ever actually date Dylan Penn

(Source: International Business Times via Hollywood Life and Celeb Dirty Laundry)

(Images: Letters to Rob and Entertainment Wise via WENN)


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