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Matthew Chapman

Six Feet Under and Dexter star Michael C. Hall is rumoured to play Matthew Murdock aka Daredevil in Marvel’s upcoming Netflix TV series, based on the blind Hell's Kitchen lawyer-turned crime-fighting vigilante.

The report comes from Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook page and The Comic Book Cast podcast but has yet to be confirmed by Marvel.

Michael C. Hall earlier this year said that he doesn’t want to rush into another TV series right away after finishing eight seasons of Dexter.

Production on Daredevil is supposed to begin in July for a 2015 airing of 13 episodes.

I am, personally, a bit apprehensive about this. I can see Hall playing Matt Murdock but I'm not quite sure if he can pull off the athleticism needed to be Daredevil. It's not something we have really seen him do so I could be pleasantly surprised.

What are your thoughts? Any ideas on the perfect Matt Murdock/Daredevil?


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