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Times are tough for Lohan, not only does the whole world know who she has been doing the dirty with, she is also being forced into weirder and weirder 'acting' gigs.

After exhausting even the patience of Saint Oprah, it's no wonder that nobody would touch Lilo with a 50 foot barge pole for any serious gigs. Apparently smashing a car in with a mallet for a little known TV show is totes within her reach though.

God, I almost feel bad for Lindsay. You can see the demise of her career quivering across her unnaturally inflated face in the first 25 seconds. Also, saying [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728) is your favourite TV show is inexcusable no matter how many dollars are thrust into your open paw.

Check out the surreal, tragicomic madness in the video below;

Watching Lohan repeatedly beat the crap out of the word 'legendary' is particularly poignant. All that could have been eh, babes?

What do you think of the prime nugget of whacked out weirdness from Lilo? Will there be more where this came from?


Lindsay Lohan's next job will be...

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