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I've just finished watching it and I'm ready to watch it again, like, right Meow! This movie was just great! They finally really made Cap look like the Super Soldier he should have looked like in his previous films. Don't even get me started on how Joss Whedon made him look useless! Gah! Just boils my blood.

Here we get to see The Super Soldier strength and durability get put to the test as cap falls at least 30-40 stories and lands completely on his side without a scratch on him. We later get to see him jump from about 100 feet probably more! land on his feet and keep on running like nothing happened. You also see some of that Super Soldier strength as he lifts a HUGE steel beam that looks like it probably weighs 3,000 pounds, again, probably a lot more! You'll finally get to see Captain America the Super Soldier, rather than Captain America the gymnast.

Cap has some awesome fight scenes as well. His fight with Batroc The Leaper was great! and really lets you know what you're in for the rest of this film. I'd have to say honestly that his fight with Batroc might be my favorite, Its short, but its good! There are tons of other fight scenes as well! I wont ruin who fights who, but you do get to see some others fight each other as well.

There is also one moment that I was looking forward to more than anything else in the entire movie. Now this isn't a spoiler, as its public knowledge that Cap goes to visit an old Peggy Carter, but man... This part made my eyes watery. We didn't get that closure between them 2 at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger but you finally get some closure in this film. I wont say what they talk about or what the encounter was like, but if you're a fan of the relationship between them 2 you'll be happy to know you finally get to see them meet up again. There's this one part though that just.. man... I really wish she would have gotten frozen too so they could continue on with what I think is the best love story of all the Marvel films.

As for the rest of the movie Its very serious toned and FINALLY a more adult film from Marvel. I've never been fond of how all their movies look like they're geared more towards children, always so light hearted and too many jokes being told, makes me feel like I'm watching a children's movie. This movie looks like its been geared towards a more adult audience, so is more enjoyable for those of us who like the gritty darker side of things. Cap has people trying to assassinate him throughout pretty much the entire movie, which is awesome because we get to see the super soldier in action a lot more than we've seen him in other films.

I'm sure with all of the TV spots and trailers Marvel has been showing everyone pretty much gets the idea of what this movie is about, so I don't think I need to go into too much detail about the plot. I will say one thing though, they don't go as deep into the whole Bucky story as much as I thought they would. You would think with the movie being called "[Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)" it would mainly be about him. But it really feels like this movie is about the fall of shield and finally putting an end to all its secrets and lies. It definitely does have that political thriller feel to it so don't expect full on Bucky and Cap action throughout the entire movie. A more fitting title would have been Captain America: The Fall Of Shield. After watching this, there is one thing that's for sure. The Cap & Bucky story isn't over. I have no doubt that [Captain America 3](movie:994409) Captain America 3 will have The Winter Soldier in it and we'll get to explore this relationship a lot more.

With all that being said, this movie is a MUST SEE! it truly is the best Marvel film made to date. Definitely better than the Avengers and the best of all the standalone films like Iron Man & Thor. Sadly I doubt this will make a billion dollars simply because Chris Evans alone isn't as big of a star as Robert Downey Jr. Which sucks.. it really does, because this truly is the best of all the movies they've made so far. Go see this movie the day its released, you will not be disappointed!

I tried to stay away from spoilers but there were some things that just had to be said. I did warn you of spoilers in the title though ^_^


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