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Now, this episode for me is something I've been waiting for! It was intense from beginning to end! With the foreshadowing of the rabbit and snare, which represents Rick and the crew going to Terminus, and Random Glasses Guy getting his eye ate out, I was excited from the first scene. Whenever the "Claimers" found Rick, Michonne, and Carl...I was seeing the comics brought to life (though it was Michonne instead of Abraham and Daryl doesn't exist in the comics).

When Deserves It Dan grabbed Carl, I was just waiting for Rick to snap and go to another place mentally. Twitter blew up with "WAY TO GO RICK" and/or "That dude is just ruthless..." when Rick decided to go Walker mode and eat Joe's neck. People who didn't read the comics were shocked, while those who did were getting excited and celebrating that this scene happened. With Rick brutally mutilating Dan, the whole world got pumped that they saw Rick "grow a pair".

The excitement doesn't end there, because Rick, Daryl, Carl, and Michonne finally reach Terminus. Unlike our other group from the previous episode, they decided to go in the back door. If anyone got a bad feeling about Terminus once they saw the grill last time, I am with you 100%!! I personally believe the "Termites" are our beloved Hunters, but instead of stalking their prey, they lure them in...just like the rabbit and the snare.

Throughout this episode, we see our characters come to terms with the monsters inside of them. That was kinda the moral of the episode so I thought I should include that. Moving forward though! We see Rick bury the weapons outside the camp just in case of emergency, and the group climbs the fence. They enter a building where an old woman appears she's on the radio and our group catches them off guard.

From this crew, one man steps up, Gareth. His character is interesting and I'm incredibly curious on which direction they'll go with him, because supposedly he's a mix of a few characters from the comics. He greets them and pats them down for safety, then asks his friend Alex to escort them to get some food.

This goes south quickly, because once Rick snaps, he never goes back. He looks around, seeing the riot gear, poncho, and more specifically...Glenn's watch. At which point Rick holds Alex hostage and wants answers on how they found the accessories. Of course they won't tell him, why would they? It's four people against a community that looks slightly more experienced than Woodbury was. So, because Rick was at his wit's end, he put a bullet in Alex and the chase begins. Interestingly enough, the Termites aren't shooting at anything except their feet.

Well anyway, our group walks into a creepy room filled with names, possessions, and to wrap the whole room together, candles and creepy wall writings. We eventually get out of this room and they are cornered, gunmen surrounding them. During this scene, I was thinking Gareth was Negan because this looked like it was straight out of the comics. When he had them line up I thought he was going to pull out his barb wired bat named Lucy and bash someone's head in. Instead, He told the group to go into the trailer, where they find everyone except Tyreese, Carol, and Beth. Rick says "They screwed with the wrong people." Bam, end of season.

This leaves almost everyone chanting that they want more, which won't happen until October. Almost everyone I've talked to says they want to know where the other three are at, which is a good question! Perhaps Beth is on the grill, or maybe she's hiding out with someone, maybe Gabriel? Carol and Tyreese simply haven't shown up yet, or they are in a separate trailer but to me that seems unlikely. Why not tell the audience that two of the mains are at Terminus? So, my guess is as good as yours. Mine goes like this:

1. Beth will ride in on a horse, guns blazing, kill all the Termites and save a crew! Daryl falls in love with her epicness and marries her!

2. Tyreese and Carol show up, get trapped, everyone plots an escape, Beth is singing in the background.

3. My real guess is that somehow one person out of our group (Rick or Daryl) will sneak out to go get the buried weapons and take over, possibly joining the two sides or start a war. Carol and Tyreese may come in and light things on fire (get it? Carol jokes..gotta love them.). Beth is probably not even at Terminus, but if she is she's grilled or somewhere else in the camp. Bob may die at this point, he gets munched on but he's tainted meat because when he claimed the walker just bit the bandage he was lying.

Though the last one was my real guess, really am kind of pulling for the first one because imagining it is honestly hilarious. Anyway, this was a fantastic [The Walking Dead](series:201193) season finale!! I absolutely loved every minute of it, even if it left with a cliffhanger!

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