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“Those who arrive, survive,” read the radio signal being broadcast out of the fake salvation known as Terminus. But they apparently left out the part about “Those who arrive get locked into a train car for possible future human Ingestion .” That’s where Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl ended up after recognizing the items of their missing friends being used by the inhabitants of Terminus. They were reunited with those friends — Glenn, Maggie, Bob, and Sasha, along with Tara, Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita in a locked train car as prisoners of Terminus. (Carol, Tyreese, Judith, and Beth all remain unaccounted for.) What a happy and sad reunion, all together again but in a train car.

While the gang’s fortunes appear precarious at best, the show actually ended on a somewhat triumphant note as Rick told the others, “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out.” “Find out what?” asked Abraham. Rick’s reply: “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” BAM! That moment crystallized that this episode which included multiple flashbacks to life at the prison shortly after the fall of Woodbury as Hershel convinced Rick to lay down his gun and pick up his farming shovel, and really the entire season was all about Rick’s transformation away from shunner of violence back into a supreme bad-ass ready to kick asses and take Christian names….lol

Oh, and asses were kicked this finale, most outstandingly those of Joe and his disgusted/pathetic cronies, who finally stalked down Rick and looked to kill him, but rape and possibly kill Carl, Michonne. Daryl, (who arrives and vouched for his friends) before Rick insanely fought back. Biting Joe in the neck similar to that of a “walker” seeing and smelling fresh meat, and madly gutting the pathetic child rapist brute who had Carl pinned down attempting to pull down his pants to rape him. However, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) may have a grueling time getting out of this quandary in season 5.

The way the Terminus skilled military shooters took enormous care to not shoot Rick, and friends, appear to corroborate my earlier suspicion that they are an altered copy of the cannibals seen in The Walking Dead comic. Also, that courtyard of human bones and blood the group ran by. As well as so the clear parallel of Rick showing Carl how to properly set a trap by creating a smooth track to lead animals right to it regrettably much in the same way they themselves were following the train tracks and were led by the sniper fire past all the “A” signs right to their own human trap of Terminus. However all we know for sure is that these mystery folks have a lot of weapons, a leader named Gareth who is apparently bummed out with Albert’s skills on perimeter patrol, and a really gigantic grill for cooking….medium rare please!

Forlornly, we’ll have to wait over six months to find out how it all plays out. Almost as shocking as the tease ending was the fact that no characters (outside of the claimers and some poor chap surrounded in a field by walkers) in fact died in the finale. Differing to last season’s killing of Andrea, The Walking Dead doesn't lean to kill mains in the finale episode, so maybe it’s not so shocking after all. You know, I actually prefer it when they don’t kill main characters in finales because that’s exactly when you expect them to die. Deaths like Lori and T-Dog (which happened in episode 4 of season 3) end up being far more shocking in a way because of when they happen as much as how they happen. So I like how the producers/writers didn't feel the need to off someone just because it was a season finale.

To boot, I like how after going pretty RickGrimesless over the past month. The Walking Dead, all came back to Rick Grimes and his new-fresh attitude….don’t you dare fuck (screw) with me and my group bad-ass-attitude. It was refreshing welcoming return. Rick Grimes is back and surely has discarded the passive farmer attitude. Its all about kill or be killed....fuck...sorry FCC (screw) with family you die...Its on in season 5.

Key moments:

Daryl back with Rick, he tries to explain why he was with Joe’s group, even though he knew “they were bad.” In doing so, he explains that Beth is “just gone,” but the striking moment came when he almost broke down in tears when Rick called him his brother.

Rick soon notices that these new strangers are wearing Glenn’s and others’ old clothes and equipment, which flips the Crazy Rick switch and he attempts to hold one of them at gun point until answers are given.

Michonne ended up at a refugee camp with her son Andre, boyfriend Mike, and friend Terry when the zombie apocalypse first began, though things simply got worse and worse as people left and others gave up (suicide?). As she was coming back from a run one day, she saw the fences were down and walkers came through. Mike and Terry were high when it happened, which we’re assuming is what led her son being killed. After Mike and Terry were bitten, Michonne was so enraged that she let them turn instead of killing them. Michonne went to the dark-side until, Andrea, Carl and Rick.

Carl made his own revelation in saying that he is very much like his dad ...“I still have those thoughts [... like the one he had when he mercilessly shot that kid in the woods]. I’m not what he thinks I am.” Wow!


What did you think of the finale?

Michonne, are we the walking dead and not the dead?
Michonne, are we the walking dead and not the dead?

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