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Wally Pfister's ambitious head-scratcher debut opens this month and a new featurette, viral video campaign and extensive photo gallery have just surfaced to get our speculative sci-fi juices flowing. The featurette shows some familiar trailer footage interspersed with cameo interviews from Pfister, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall and Johnny Depp, and two new minimal viral videos tease Kate Mara's shady resistance movement R.I.F.T. Dig in.

There's a feeling that this one could still go either way. Depp is at a strange point in his career, balancing smaller efforts while churning out the hits like a great big bulging cash cow, but on the other side of the camera there's plenty of reasons for hope.

This is Wally Pfister's first foray into the directing game. The quite brilliant DP gave us some of the most crisp architectural photography ever seen on the big screen with his remarkable work behind the camera for Christopher Nolan, so even if Transcendence does end up buckling under it's own lofty ambition (which we certainly hope it does not) at least it'll look good on the way down.

Still pumped for this one? Keep us posted below.

Transcendence opens April 18th.

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