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Cris Macht

New Walking Dead Documentary focuses on the fans and Includes interviews with [The Walking Dead](series:201193) cast and crew members! NEEDS SUPPORT FROM THE FANS FOR FUNDING!

With The Walking Dead franchise at the peak of its popularity, documentarians Cris Macht and Ian Vacek explore and examine why humanity is obsessed with the “zombie apocalypse”.

Cris and Ian interview fans that have been there since the comic book debuted in 2003 to the living rooms of the casual fan of the TV show across America, as well as everything in between including cosplayers, collectors, a fan that built his own Daryl Dixon motorcycle, a pilgrimage to the filming locations in Georgia, The Convention Circuit, Cast and Crew members, and more! The film also explores that fans of the show are more than just crazy zombie lovers, it examines that community and friendships are formed over their love for the series. as well as that fans have hope that humanity will always prevail in the worst case situations.

You can see the teaser Trailer here:

And their Kickstarter Campaign is going on now through April!


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