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Now i'm not for a moment saying that the Dark Knight trilogy was bad (it was absolutely fantastic) but i am pointing out what it changed, sometimes for the better it must be said. But yes, i'm that much of a perfectionist that i went through the trilogy and figured a top five... oh well, it amuses me if nothing else i guess.

1) The Batsuit

Yes, i'm starting with the obvious one because it is after all one of the biggest changes and probably the most annoying thing about the trilogy. Look at it. Then look at the classic batman:

The main problem isn't that it looks nothing like the suit in the comics, the above design probably wouldn't fit the style, it's that it just doesn't really look, well, good. It's just a black suit of armor that seems far too heavy for either gliding or combat. Granted it did get better in the second installment, but apart from looking a bit cooler, all of the same problems carried across. Batman is meant to be a super agile badass, not a spec-ops SWAT soldier. It got the point where i was in no way surprised when Bane crushed him because he at least had the ability to move his arms.

2) Batman's value of life

At the end of Batman Begins we saw Bats NOT save someone. On purpose. Which maybe matures his character effectively enough for the trilogy, but is completely contrasting to his persona in the comics where he values absolutely every human life equally. That's why time and time again he saves the joker. Because it is against his beliefs to allow anyone to die through his actions. He saves every life he possibly can because to him the life of Scarecrow is equal to that of any other resident of Gotham City. So seeing him here let a human being go to their death and doing nothing to avert it is frustrating in part because it's such a defining aspect of him as a hero.

3) The villains... or a couple of them anyway

Here i'm only really referring to Bane and Rā's al Ghūl. Note the spelling of that. It's pronounced raish al gool, not raz al gool in the off chance you care. It didn't even do the courtesy of giving him his proper name. It also didn't give him much else from his canon backstory . He's actually the leader of the league of assassins, NOT the league of shadows. He also happens to be about 600 years old thanks to his semi-magical lazarus pit, and Asian. In Batman Begins, he is about forty, and American. Hmmm... not seeing many similarities.

Then there's Bane. In the movies the protector of Talia al Ghūl and then the not quite leader of the league of shadows. He has a mask that gives him some kind of medicine to keep him alive after being... beaten up? Okaaay, let's just roll with that. In the comics he is a from the fictional island of the Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca. Then he is forced into being a test subject for the drug venom which gives him super strength. Then he decides he wants to kill Batman because he had nightmares about a bat as a kid. On second thoughts maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that they reimagined this guy completely.

4) Robin

Yeah, every live action adaptation of Robin has shown him to be a wimpy, whiny douche. To be fair to the '66 TV show, that was the point, but in Batman & Robin, well i try not to go there but he wasn't any different really. Seriously, the 'serious' adaptation of a character was the same as the parody. That's just depressing. But in TDK trilogy, he's not there. He's just... nowhere to be found. Yes I get that he has a really bad reputation due to the above mishap but he is an integral part of the universe as well as being a straight up genuine badass. And no. Joseph Gordon Levitt doesn't count. There has never been a Robin called John Blake or 'Robin'. Don't get me wrong, i liked him, but he was really just a friendly cop rather than any kind of sidekick.

5) Batarangs

Yeah, i know. Really? This guys complaining about there not being bat-shaped boomerangs in a dark and gritty batman universe? Yes, yes i am. Why? Because the movie promised me them. Early on in Batman Begins he carves a metal bat-logo and then uses it to take out a light. And then they're just forgotten about. Forever. He never uses one ever again. THEN WHY SHOW US THEM GODDAMMIT! *Sigh*

Batarangs are cool. They are. Maybe not suitable in this universe the way they are in the comics, but if you're going to show me them then at least have him use them every now and again. Maybe to disarm someone of they're gun or to take out more lights but if they aren't permanent then don't hold them out in front of me to quickly yank them back away.

So what do you think? Anything you really wish they'd kept in? Anything you're really glad they changed? Sound off in the comments below.

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