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The new trailer for [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) due out in August had some new things that actually made me feel better about the movie in general. The origin has moved away from the alien motif to more of genetic mutation one. It smacks of OsCorp frankly with the 'we make heroes' theme. But getting Shredder and April's dad involved amps up the intrigue although, once again, that reminds us of Peter Parker and his mysterious parents connection with his powers.

We got to see the Turtles in action; which was sweet. Yes, they are quite big. I laughed at one commenter on Facebook asking how they fit down the manholes! But they did give us a spattering of their iconic personalities. The Stoic Leonardo. The wise cracking Michelangelo. The tech head Donny (notice the gadgets on his shell). And the head long into everything Raphael (head first into that Raph).

BUT what was missing?

Danny Woodburn will be splinter...
Danny Woodburn will be splinter...

A#1 was Splinter! He has, at least, been cast! Danny Woodburn will be bringing the Turtle's sensei to life! But no concept art; no action figures. We still have no idea what he will actually look like. I'm sure they're saving that for a future trailer. But Turtles fans all over are clamoring for a look see at the Ninja rodent!

Also, we only got a peek at the Shredder's helmet. Cannot wait to see the suit in action because, to tell you the truth, he's the only thing that I'm really worried about in this movie. He will be pivotal and they had better get it right.

Baxter Stockman will be played by K. Todd Freeman and they will be obviously going with the IDW version of the mad scientist. Should be interesting how he ends up involved.

Missing from both the Trailer and the casting list is a cast of characters we really WANT to see.

Bebop and Rocksteady



Fans loved the hockey stick weilding Casey Jones from the first movie. We need to see a grittier version of this character!


They don't have to be Rahzar and Tokka, but we want more mutants! Use your imagination or pull them out of the vast catalog of characters from throughout the years!


We want to see Krang's Technodrone and the Turtle van! Some of Mikey's gadgets (looks like we're going to get that one)!

Anything I'm missing? Comment below!

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