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In the footage of Chris Evans as Captain America filming in South Korea, we see him riding on top of a truck. Then, he's hanging off the back of it and swinging from the back door.

The name of the company seen on the side is U-Gin and underneath we read GENETICS INFINITE. Is this the connection we need between the Avengers and the Mutants we can't call Mutants?

There is a potential Easter Egg at the very end of this video as well: a close-up of the truck used on the bridge, which appears to belong to a company called “U-Gin,” with the words “Genetics Infinite, R&D” below the brand name. This is pure speculation, but could this company have something to do with [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109)? Since they cannot be called “mutants” in this big-screen incarnation of the characters, might there be some other explanation for their powers? Genetic tampering, perhaps?

Obviously Marvel/Disney have stepped up to fill in the gap left by their not having the X-men/Mutant franchise. Knowing Marvel and the way they have done everything else, it will be brilliant!

See the whole video again below!

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